The Economic Implications of Rent Control

Since the housing crisis, the demand for affordable rental housing has skyrocketed as Americans...

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The Future of Multifamily Housing: More 2018 Regulations and Legislation

2017 was undoubtedly a busy year for multifamily legislation. With bills like California’s...

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Trump’s Tax Plan Might Not Be So Bad for the Rental Industry

Congress’s H.R. 1, the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” passed on November 16th and it is now up to the...

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Property Managers Fear Trending Rent Control Legislation

If you weren’t aware of rent control legislation, now is the time to be active. Bills proposing...

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Gov. Brown Signs California Multifamily Housing Legislation

With the deadline close, Gov. Brown has finally signed the bulk of the proposed California...

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August 09, 2016

Top Ten Landlord-Tenant Laws

Rental housing laws are designed to protect both parties in the landlord-tenant relationship. Landlords want to protect their property, business and rental funds, and a renter wants to protect his right to quiet enjoyment and peaceful living.

Knowledge of and compliance with federal, state and local regulations is crucial for both landlords and tenants. The major federal laws that affect all landlords and property managers are the Fair Housing Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

States laws regarding rental properties and tenant rights typically concern practical matters.  These include...

August 04, 2016

ALERT: OPPOSE Hiding Eviction Reports / Unlawful Detainer in Tenant Screening (AB 2819)

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 22, 2016: Governor Brown has signed AB 2819, and the new bill will go into effect January 1, 2017.

UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2016: This bill has made it to the governor's desk, and is...

July 21, 2016

“2-Persons per Bedroom” Policy Might be Discriminatory

Recently the policy restricting occupancy to two-persons per bedroom has come into question, arguing that the occupancy standards are discriminatory because they are based on familial status. Will...

June 21, 2016

Creating Kid-Safe Rental Properties

Making sure your property is safe for children is a top priority. While kid safety certainly attracts new family residents, reinforcing your child safety standards protects your current family...