Why your Identity is Still at Risk to the Equifax Data Breach

Months after Equifax’s major data breach left 145 million consumer’s personal information...

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From Marijuana to Criminal History: 2018’s New Employment Legislation

While reviewing new talent to join your company, you’ll now have to keep in mind that bills...

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How to Best Vet Property Managers

In the multifamily industry, it’s extremely important that you choose the right person to fill a...

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Gov. Brown Signs “Ban the Box” Employment Legislation into Law!

Governor Brown has recently signed a “ban the box” employment bill into law. AB 1008 further...

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What to know about Pre-Employment Screening for Entry-Level Staff

Whether you’ve noticed the pumpkin spice flavor takeover or the premature Christmas decoration...

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January 05, 2017

2017 Employment Legislative Changes

In addition to new multifamily housing legislation, 2017 has come with a few employment legislation changes as well. Here are some employment bills that passed this year that affect all employers, especially those in California and New York.

December 22, 2016

Rising Worries over Identity Theft

As you start thinking about Christmas shopping, are you worried about your personal information being stolen?  Most Americans are concerned yet many take no preventive action.   Through frequent...

December 06, 2016

Property Management Tools You'll Want Next Year

Empower your property with quality applicants and life-long residents with a new cloud-based property management software! Developed with over 30 years of industry experience, CICTotal is an...

November 28, 2016

Texas Judge Preliminarily Enjoins New Overtime Exemption Rules Nationwide: What Steps Should Follow?

By: Seyfarth's Wage & Hour Litigation Practice Group

**UPDATE 12/2/16: On December  1 (the day on which the new salary level was supposed to become effective) the Department of Justice and Department...