The Effectiveness of a Multifamily Dress Code

Creating a multifamily dress code policy for each position can be tricky business. With...

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Apartment Bidding Websites: Why Multifamily Owners Should Stay Far, Far Away

While the city of Seattle banned them in April, apartment bidding websites like Rentberry and...

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Rental Housing Legislation You Should Be Keeping your Eye On

As the majority of the country takes a break proposing and passing new rental housing laws and...

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Is Pet Tenant Screening the Future of Rental Housing?

The debate on whether or not to allow pets in rental housing is always ongoing, and there are...

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Avoiding Discriminatory Practices in your Hiring Process

Unfortunately, discrimination can easily creep into any industry’s hiring practices. Through the...

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The Effectiveness of a Multifamily Dress Code

Apartment Bidding Websites: Why Multifamily Owners Should Stay Far, Far Away

Rental Housing Legislation You Should Be Keeping your Eye On

Is Pet Tenant Screening the Future of Rental Housing?

Avoiding Discriminatory Practices in your Hiring Process

Your Favorite TV Show Property Managers Can Help You Manage Rental Properties

Rental Housing Tips to Attract College Students for the Fall Semester

How to Hire the Best Property Management Professionals

Ouch! Rent Control in California will Hurt More Than You Think

3 Tenant Rules You Should Have in Your Rental Property

Rental Tips for Resident Pool Safety this Summer

How to Deal with Tenants Putting Your Property on Airbnb

Raising Your Tenants’ Rent Without Feeling Guilty

CIC Releases Employment Screening Specifically for the Rental Housing Industry

URGENT: California will be Voting on Rent Control in November!

Multifamily Housing Legislation Blooms Through June

Last Chance to Win a Designer Bag Before NAA Apartmentalize

California’s Rent Control War Has New Updates

Congress Votes in Favor for Section 8 Housing and Credit Security Freeze Regulations

Treat Yourself on National Wine Day with Our Infographic

Fake Apartment Reviews Have a Silver Lining

Avoiding Discriminatory Practices in Your Tenant Screening

‘Just Cause’ Eviction Law AB 2925 Moving Quickly in California

CIC Announces Attendance at NAA Apartmentalize Conference with Designer Bag Giveaway

How to Protect Your Residents’ and Applicants’ Sensitive Information

Not Thinking is Actually Smart Thinking for Property Management

Protect Your Community’s Online Reputation with These Simple Steps

Property Management Tools Your Community Should Be Using

The Top 5 Rental Property Incentives Residents Want

A Property Manager’s Journal of Chilling Stories

Find Out What Residents Really Think About Your Property

Celebrate National Pet Day with Our Infographic

Free Resources for National Apartment Housing Month

April Showers the Rental Housing Industry with New Legislation

Prepare for Natural Disasters with Our Free Infographic

‘Ban the Box’ Employment Laws Spread to New Cities and States

Keep Your Community’s Bottom Line in the Black with Tenant Screening

How to Protect Your Property when Attracting Financially Questionable Applicants

Protect your Tenant Screening this Freedom of Information Day

Are ‘Just Cause’ Eviction Laws Coming to Your City?

March Madness: Go Head-to-Head with your Property Rental Competition

Download This Free Rental Housing Daylight Savings Time Checklist

Is Property Management Software Right for You?

Rent Control Sprouts in Illinois, California, and Rhode Island

The Benefits to Using Property Management Software

How to Help Residents Protect Their Mail

Communication Skills Every Property Manager Should Have

CICTotal Manager Property Management Software is Now Powered by Rentec Direct!

Show Renters You Care with National Love Your Pet Day

Improve Resident Retention through These 3 Methods

How to Make your Residents Love Your Property

Protecting Businesses and Multifamily Communities from Sexual Harassment

Data Privacy: Protecting Yourself and Your Residents

The Economic Implications of Rent Control

Mistakes for Property Managers to Avoid to Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Cats vs. Dogs: Which can Cause the Most Property Damage?

Why your Identity is Still at Risk to the Equifax Data Breach

From Marijuana to Criminal History: 2018’s New Employment Legislation

The Future of Multifamily Housing: More 2018 Regulations and Legislation

Why Good Residents Don’t Renew Leases

2018’s Hot Item: Online Rent Collections

How to Best Vet Property Managers

The Top 6 Culprits of Holiday Property Fires

Budgeting your Rental Properties in 2018

How to Market Rental Vacancies during the Slowest Time of the Year

Trump’s Tax Plan Might Not Be So Bad for the Rental Industry

Happy Thanksgiving from CIC™

Thanksgiving Rental Property Horror Stories

Property Managers Fear Trending Rent Control Legislation

FICO® Score 9 Now Available with CIC™!

Easily Transition your Community from Daylight Savings Time with our Checklist

Is DNA Testing Tenant Dog Poop in your Community Worth it?

Sample - How To Post

Encourage Residents to Take Precautions Before Disaster Strikes

Encourage Residents to Take Precautions Before Disaster Strikes

Gov. Brown Signs “Ban the Box” Employment Legislation into Law!

How to Pick the Best Resident Screening Service for your Property

How to Improve your Property’s NOI

What to know about Pre-Employment Screening for Entry-Level Staff

Gov. Brown Signs California Multifamily Housing Legislation

Should Property Managers have Access to the Sex Offender Registry?

Optimizing the Tenant Screening Process

Know your Credit Risk Score options: VantageScore® 3.0 vs. FICO® 8

California’s Housing Immigration Bill Presented to Gov. Brown

How Multifamily Properties Can Better Manage a Natural Disaster

Equifax’s Security Breach: What is Credit Monitoring?

Phase Two of the National Consumer Assistance Plan is Now in Effect

Rent Control and Relocation Fees: September Multifamily Legislation Threatens Industry

How to Protect Yourself from the Equifax Data Breach

Online Rental Payments Now Available through CIC™!

New Restrictions on Credit Reports Effective Next Week

Seattle Outlaws Multifamily Criminal Screening

3 Things your Employment Screening Provider Should Offer

4 Inexpensive Amenities Millennials Really Want

How to Follow Up with Vendors after a Multifamily Conference

California Housing Legislation on the Chopping Block this Fall

3 Ways to Drive Gen Z Traffic to Your Properties

You Should Be Concerned If This Is How You Collect Rent

From Cocaine to Criminal History: New Employment Legislation is Here

New Credit Standards PHASE 2 is on the Horizon

Resident Gifts that’ll Make a Lasting Impression

URGENT : Tenants Rights Activists are Planning Protest Throughout California on July 27th

Los Angeles Explores “Just Cause” Evictions and Rent Control Legislation

Myths and Facts about Credit Reports

Fair Housing Tips for Marketing Vacancies Online

How to get Involved with Multifamily Legislation

California Legislation Makes Moves to Help Affordable Housing Crisis

Your Credit Reports have Changed as of July 1, 2017

Washington’s New Tenant Screening Law is now in Effect

Understanding Credit Reports 101

9 Important Ways to Protect Smart Devices From Hackers

See you Soon, Atlanta! We’re Heading to NAA 2017

How to Plan for NAA Edu 2017

Last Chance to Win our Kate Spade Giveaway

Legislative Update: 15 Multifamily Bills to Keep an Eye on

The Future is Here: Micro-Apartments Cater to the Next Gen Renters

NAA Members, Double your Chances to win a Kate Spade Purse

Background Checks on Prospective Employees: Keep Required Disclosures Simple

Preparing for a Slow Rental Market

Tips to Negotiate Rent Increases

FICO™ and VantageScore® 3.0: Your Credit Score Cheat Sheet

Win a Kate Spade Purse before NAA!

Ways to Make Changing your Property Management Software Easy

How to Write an Attractive Rental Listing Headline

See you in Atlanta! Join us at NAA’s Education Conference on June 21-24th

Top 4 Property Management Analytics & Reports

How to Collect Rent and Fees Completely Online

Oregon Evictions and Rent Control Bill gets sent to the Senate

Boost Resident Happiness Levels with Memorial Day Events

See CIC™ in Action at a City Near You

Quarterly Legislative Update: Rental Housing and Employment

Does your PM Software Keep Track of These 5 Things Automatically?

Be Wary, Residents can Forge their own Credit Report

Top Free Rental Property Listing Sites

Credit Bureaus’ New Standards might Improve Renters’ Credit Score

California Further Limits Use of Criminal Background Information

All About California’s New Housing Immigration Bill, AB 291

6 Features Your Property Management Software Should Have

Join CIC™ at Nevada State Apt Assoc’s 2017 Market Trends Conference

URGENT: California Municipalities Might Enact Rent Controls with AB 1506

How Often Should you Check In on Residents?

Security Enhancements to Attract and Keep Residents

3 Signs you Aren't Getting Accurate Tenant Screening

How to be a P.I. when Accepting Applicants

How to make E-Signature Leasing Possible

Associations can Now Boost Monthly Revenue with ApplyConnect’s® Affinity Program

The Next Big Apartment Amenity: Uber Waiting Rooms

Avoid Liabilities with these Simple Steps

Should you be Required to Accept All Emotional Support Animals?

2017 Ban the Box Legislation

Protect your Business from Rising Workplace Violence

Collect Rent and Fees Automatically, Every Month

How to Make Paperless Management Possible

The Difference Between Millennial and Gen X Renters (Infographic)

2017 Employment Legislative Changes

2017 Multifamily Housing Legislative Changes

1099 Submission Requirements for Property Managers

Rising Worries over Identity Theft

Attract the Right Applicants to your Community, Every Time

5 Common Property Management New Year’s Resolutions

Avoid a $1,000 Fine when Screening Applicants

Inviting Holiday Visitors? 3 Steps Onsite Managers can Protect Confidential Information

Texas Judge Preliminarily Enjoins New Overtime Exemption Rules Nationwide: What Steps Should Follow?

Unpacking the Meaning of a Trump Administration for Apartment Housing

What to Do if Your Applicant is on a Visa

Help Inexperienced Residents with this Move-In Checklist

3 Ways to Show your Residents you are Thankful (Infograph)

Get Connected Using ApplyConnect's Fresh, New Tenant Screening Site!

Ensuring the Security of Your Apartment Community During the Holidays

Build Your Renter Relationships with Community Giving

Signs Your Community is Infested with Pests

HUD Guidance Leads to Multifamily Lawsuit in Use of Criminal Records

How to Revise your Employee Policy if Marijuana is Legalized

Is Your Rental Criteria Using any of these Faux Pas?

3 Podcasts to Help you Stay on your Property Management Game

Diagnosing and Preventing Mold

Easily Check if Your Vendors and Clients are Credible

Are Nuisance Ordinance Laws Discriminatory?

Make Collecting Overdue Rent a Positive Experience “Respectful Recovery”

Rental Payment History Helps Pre-Qualify Applicants!

How to Professionally Text Tenants

3 Major Credit Bureaus will Remove Most Tax Liens and Civil Judgments

Man on the Street: Helping to Improve Consumer Credit Education

Join CIC™ at the 2016 Multifamily Exchange Show!

Are Your Online Rental Applications Providing Everything You Need?

Legislation Update on Credit & Other Data (Q3'16)

State-run Criminal Data Repositories are Questioned

Salary Employees Affected by Overtime Labor Law Change

Can You Rely on your Tenant Screening Reports?

Support Your Working Residents this Labor Day

How You can Benefit from Making Move-Ins Easier

Top Ten Landlord-Tenant Laws

ALERT: OPPOSE Hiding Eviction Reports / Unlawful Detainer in Tenant Screening (AB 2819)

Top 3 Steps to Avoiding Employee Embezzlement

SMS/Text Notifications Now Available for ApplyConnect® Users!

Find More Residents with Video Marketing

“2-Persons per Bedroom” Policy Might be Discriminatory

Top 3 Ways to Visually Attract Residents (Infographic)

SMS/Text Notifications Coming Soon to Suite of ApplyConnect Features

How To Increase Renewal Rates

Multifamily Apartment Marketing: What is the Value of a Single Lease Renewal?

New Listing Technology to Attract Applicants

Dress to Impress when Showing Rental Properties

Leasing Agent Safety Tips when Showing Vacancies

Creating Kid-Safe Rental Properties

Multifamily Apartment Marketing & Leasing Choice

How to Have a Successful Resident Event

Networking Tips for Property Managers

Bills that Permit a Credit Freeze for Minors

Boost Revenue for your Company by Partnering Up with ApplyConnect®

CIC™ Announces Participation in the 2016 NAA Education Conference & Exposition

How to Attract Family Residents

Why Require Renters Insurance

The Difference Between SSN and TIN (Infographic)

Preparing your Rentals for Fire Season

How to Use Referrals to Fill your Graduate Vacancies

How to be a Resident Referee

Support your College Residents during Exam Time

Creating Compensation Plans That Work

4 Keys to Effective Property Management Leadership

Go Green to Attract Rental Applicants

New Rental Housing Legislation Proposed in California

How to Think on Your Feet with Rental Applicants

How to Catch Your Applicants Using Fake References

Top Tips For Outdoor Living Spaces

HUD Bans Using Arrest Records

Insure Proper Access to Credit Data

Proposed Bill Might Evict Millionaires from Section 8 Housing

What to Know About Pre-Employment Screening (Infographic)

Multifamily’s Best Kept Secret

3 Tips to Vamp Up Your Rental Listing’s Photos

How to Work with Corporate Rental Housing

Investing in Yourself for Property Managers

The Benefits of Housing Our Homeless Veterans

How Your Competition is Filling their Rental Vacancies Faster - Automated Decision Model

Your 3-Step Guide to Dealing with Bad Online Reviews

How to Create a Pet Friendly Environment

CIC™ Announces Integration with Property Boulevard, Inc.

Should You Rent to Section 8 Housing?

CIC™ Celebrates 30 years of Background Screening Excellence

360 Sq. Ft. Might be the Next Big Thing for Multifamily Housing

New ApplyConnect® Enhancements Tailor Made for Landlord & Real Estate Agents

Does Your Rental Application Meet These 5 Key Areas?

How to Attract Seniors to your Property

What to Know About Resident Screening (infographic)

Courteous Multifamily Construction Tips

Change Property Stress into Property Productivity

Identifying Threats from Within: Annual Screening of Employees

Are Residents Listing Your Property on Airbnb?

Start 2016 the Right Way with these Resident Events

2016 Multifamily Housing Legislative Changes

How to Handle a Hoarding Resident

Do You Suspect your Renter is a Terrorist?

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Holiday Health Awareness for Your Residents

What to do in an Active Shooter Scenario

Simple Holiday Events to Plan for Your Residents

November 30th is Computer Security Day

Lower your New Year Email Stress with an Organized Inbox

Home Ownership: A Cornerstone of Community?

Black Friday Shopping the Safe Way

How to Handle Difficult Residents

Avoid Potential Burglaries this Thanksgiving

Marketing Your Properties through Body Language

Renters & Credit Trends Part 1: Credit Check-in

Myths and Facts about Eviction Records (video)

ApplyConnect® Launches its Free Online Rental Application

Federal "Ban the Box" Bill Introduced in U.S. Congress

Myths and Facts about Criminal Records (video)

Do You Have an I.T. Disaster Recovery Plan?

Handy “Clocks Fall Back” Checklist with a Poem

Boost Your Rental Occupancy by Attracting Millennials (video)

Three Halloween Tips for Property Managers

The Benefits of Doing a Criminal History Check

California Governor Signs Strictest Equal Pay Law in U.S.

Join CIC at the NARPM Convention!

Your Voice Carries The Words Of 10,000 Leases!

Keep a High NOI with Perfect Tenants

Online Rental Applications at No Cost Coming Soon to ApplyConnect

Unlocking the Secrets of Rental Property Maintenance Success (video)

States are Changing Their Hiring Laws, are You Affected?

CIC announces new Resident Screening Blog with a Contest for New Followers

Myths and Facts about Eviction Records

Are Applicants Giving You Fraudulent Paystubs?

Recent Rental Housing Legislation That May Affect Your Business

Scam of The Week Warning - Poisoned Web Ads

New Ways to Customize Your Online Rental Applications

Notify Applicants of Your Rental Decision Instantly

Myths and Facts about Criminal Records

Managing Your Online Reputation

How to Properly (and Legally) Destroy Documents

Is Your Company’s Employment Application Going to Get You Sued?

Help a New Tenant with this Utility Checklist

Denying an Applicant: What Property Managers Need to Know

Multifamily Apartment Marketing: The First Ten Seconds

Proposed Ban on Credit Scores in New Jersey Bill S1585

Boost Your Rental Occupancy by Attracting Millennials

Employee Marijuana Use: Companies Still Have a Say

Summer Care Tips for your Residents

CIC Expands the Nation’s Largest Proprietary Eviction Database

Unlocking the Secrets of Rental Property Maintenance Success

Fighting ID Theft - ID Theft Schemes have Become More Complex

Housing Policies Challenged: Disparate Impact Supreme Court’s Ruling on 6/25/15

Could Your Dress Code for Leasing Agents be Discriminatory?

Fighting ID Theft – Hackers Know What Sites You Visit

CIC Expands Criminal Jurisdiction Data

Fighting ID Theft – Social Media and Phishing

CIC Exhibits Resident and Employment Screening Solutions at the NAA Conference in Vegas

Property Managers Rejoice: California Bill Making Criminals a Protected Class Fails

Property Management: 5 Goal Setting Apps

Flawed CA AB396 Bill Would Create a Nightmare to the Rental Housing Market

The True Cost of an Eviction

Mutual Benefits to Collecting Rents Online

How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

RentBureau® Rental History Reports Included on All Experian Credit Reports

Are You Missing Out On New Leases?

Online Rental Application Benefits: Increased Efficiency and Risk Reduction

Stop the Amended California AB396

Texas Legislature Proposed Bills Could Hamper Resident Screening for Property Managers

Five Resident Loyalty Shredders

Five Ways for Rental Property to Conserve Water

Non-Enforcement for Sex Offender Residency Ban in California: The Effects on Multi-Family Housing

Four Ways to Attract Renters to Your Vacancy

Residency Restrictions of Sex Offenders Loosens in all of California's 58 Counties

Property Management: 5 Lease Violations to Avoid

Seven Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

How Paint Colors Can Improve the Marketability of Your Rental

Social Security Number vs Taxpayer Identification Number: Understanding the Difference

California Supreme Court Overturns Sex Offender Residency Ban in San Diego County

California Attempting to Make Convicted Criminals a Protected Class for Housing

CIC Launches New Employment Screening Platform and Enhanced Background Products

Property Management: 21 Low Cost Renewal Concessions

CIC Celebrates 29 Years of Growth and Industry Excellence

ApplyConnect Launches Tenant Screening App for Real Estate Agents and Landlords

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

What Would You Do If There Was an Active Shooter at Your Workplace?

Fight ID Thieves and Hackers Throughout the New Year

California’s New AB 60 Driver’s License for Undocumented Immigrants

Use of Marijuana in Multifamily Assisted Properties

CIC Integration with 365 Connect and the NAA Click & Lease Program Delivers Next Generation of Online Leasing

California Legislative Changes for 2015 Impacting Multifamily Housing

Deconstructing the FICO® Score

Your Credit Score and the Holiday Shopping Season

Three Expert Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Information About Reporting Criminal Records From NCRA's Legal Counsel

ApplyConnect Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing the Tenant Screening Industry

Current CDC Guidance on Common Questions About Ebola

Using Information from Data Brokers? Beware the FCRA and the FTC …

Selecting a Reliable Commercial Vendor – Doing Your Due Diligence

Promote Vacancies Using Unique URLs

Three Tech Security Components to Protect Your CIC Credentials

Credit for Renting

Rental Payment History Reporting: In an Increasingly Competitive Market, Giving Property Managers and Millennials an Edge

365 Connect Brings the Power of Decision to its Online Leasing Platform with CIC Resident Screening Integration

CIC Offers Clients Experian RentBureau® Rental History Reports At No Cost with All Experian Credit Reports

CIC Now Offers Fraud-Defender to Clients’ Applicants: Increases Property Management Companies’ Revenue Stream

CIC’s Industry-Leading Resident Screening Now Available Through ResMan® Residential Property Management Software

CIC's Resident Screening Professionals to Lead Learning Zone Session at 2014 NAA Conference and Exposition on the 'Five Legal Pitfalls to Avoid'

CIC Partners with Identity Guard®, an Industry-Leading Identity Theft Protection & Recovery Service Company

ApplyConnect Simplifies Tenant Screening for Landlords & Agents, Launches a Multiple Invite Function

ApplyConnect Delivers Comprehensive Tenant Screening to Association of Realtors and Offers a Revenue Share

CIC Announces Participation at NAA Education Conference & Exposition

Exercise Caution with Internet Explorer and your Emails

CIC's Online Systems Not Vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug

Legislation Affecting the Screening of Tenants

Receiving FCRA Certification

Illinois HB 4778 Threatens Property Managers with Additional Restrictions

Take Control of Your Tenant Screening Report

NAA and NMHC Joint Legislative Program Outlines this year's Regulatory Priorities at 2014 Conference

Ready2Apply Offers Property Managers a Customizable Solution to the Hassles of Rental Applications

Leveraging the Power of Technology Helps Property Managers Fill Vacancies Fast in Multifamily Communities

Background Checks: What Employers Need to Know

Washington Regulation Update - Keep up the pressure

Three Simple Ways to Drive Applicants to your Vacancies

A Position on Washington HB 2537 and SB 6291 "An Act Relating to Tenant Screening"

CIC Celebrates 28th Anniversary as Nation's Fastest Growing Tenant Screening Firm

Lock, Stock, and Peril

Five Tips from the FTC on Protecting Personal Information and Preventing a Data Breach

CIC's ApplyConnect Offers Revenue Share for Real Estate & Apartment Associations

ApplyConnect makes Tenant Screening Quick and Easy

CIC Founder Discusses Tenant Screening in Free Webcast Conference

Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

New California Laws to Impact Multifamily Housing

2014 Brings Change to Oregon Landlord-Tenant Law

Real Estate Agents and Individual Rental Owners Need Tenant Screening Too

How Digital Applications Drive Business

Finding the Best Renters: By the Number

CA Fee Increase on Public Records

Federal Trade Commission Highlights

FTC Warns of False Charities During Disasters

Streamlining your Screening in 2013

Guns: Residents Rights or Managers Rights?

HUDs New Ruling on Fair Housing Standards

Irregular Activity on my Bank Account

How the Superbowl Can Prepare Property Managers

Preparing For the Inevitable with Your Property

Employment Screening Tips for 2013

Protecting Consumer Rights

New Year Brings New Laws for Rental Property Owners and Managers

New Guidance for Screening Potential Employees

Is Your Screening Company Leaving You Vulnerable?

3 ways to improve your application process

Are You on Point with HUD?

3 Great Ways to Improve Your Occupancy

Are You Violating Your New Hire's Rights?

Do Property Managers Discriminate Against Applicants?

New Findings that Affect Consumer Credit Scores

Are you properly denying applicants?

The 5 P’s of Apartment Facebooking

Give Your New Resident Incentives While Moving

Fair Housing and Rental Policy Conflicts

Resident Incentives Part 2: The Move Out

Summer Care Tips for your Residents

Creating an Objective Rental Policy