Collect Rent and Fees Automatically, Every Month

Ensuring that rental payments and fees are billed and processed correctly every time adds an undeniable amount of stress. As you already spend time managing multiple properties, marketing to new applicants, and building relationships within your community, the added task of rent collections each month can make your job a juggling act. Give yourself more time for other important tasks with a cost-efficient, cloud-based property management software that automatically collects rental payments and fees for each of your properties, no matter where you are or what you’re focusing on.

collect-rental-fees-cictotal-quoteAlongside over 30 years of industry experience, our innovative cloud-based software allows you to Attract, Screen, Rent, Manage, and Collect, for an affordable subscription fee. With our customizable dashboard and large suite of free, all-inclusive features, CICTotal™ is built to be flexible to meet all of your business needs, including collecting rental payments and fees automatically.

Automatically Collect Rent and Fees Every Month

Processing resident bills and fees can add an extra weight to your already hectic work schedule, not to mention the occasional mistake is unavoidable.  Eliminate potential billing errors and undercharges, while freeing up room in your schedule to market vacancies, manage work orders, and build relationships with your residents with CICTotal™’s automatic fee posting and notifications. This ensures that all of your residents are billed correctly every month, along all of your properties. With our intuitive software, you’ll be able to set customized fee rules on each property and rent rates on each unit. No need to stress any longer.


With our free resident portals, your tenants will be able to submit and see the progress on work orders, pay their rent online and view their tenant statement (below). Tenant statements and work order progress online makes it easier for you and your residents to be on the same page, while online rental payments encourage good tenancy.


Focus on the Important Stuff: Attracting Quality Tenants

With all that extra time saved from CICTotal™’s automatic billing, you can now focus on posting listings and achieving a high number of inquiries per vacancy. Rather than spending more time manually recording what your best marketing channels are, let us do all the work. With our built-in analytics, you’ll know your best marketing sources at all times.


In addition to real-time statistics, CICTotal™ provides additional tools to effectively market to new residents. With our free website builder and online application, you can instantly get applicants to apply to your vacancies online and right away. Our intuitive managing software makes it easy to go green, with detailed records of all your tenants’ leases, rental payments, work orders, and more. Best of all, it’s all online within CICTotal™, making it accessible for anyone (with proper permissions) on your team, anywhere.

What’s the Catch?

property management software free trialWith no hidden fees, no hardware or software to purchase, and all software updates included, CICTotal is just $1 per unit, per month (200 unit minimum).  Plus subscribers get CIC’s complete tenant screening package for the discounted rate of $14.95 per applicant. It’s as simple as that.

While you might be used to monotonously collecting rental payments and fees for each of your communities, it can suck so much time out of your day. Why not capitalize on extra time? With CICTotal™’s entire cloud-based property management software and award winning technical support by our U.S. based staff, you can save dedicate more time to building your community’s reputation.

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