Attract the Right Applicants to your Community, Every Time

Attracting and screening new applicants is a huge part of being a property manager. Not only do you need to effectively market all of your vacancies (and your property as a whole), but you have to insure that the applicants you attract are the right fit for your community. With a property management software that has all the tools to empower your property, like CICTotal, the leasing process should be a breeze.

Alongside over 30 years of industry experience, our innovative cloud-based software provides just that, allowing you to Attract, Screen, Rent, Manage, and Collect, for an affordable subscription fee. With our customizable dashboard and large suite of all-inclusive features, CICTotal is built to be flexible enough to meet all of your property’s needs, including attracting and screening new applicants.

Attract the Right Applicants to Your Community

As a property manager, representing your community and drawing in quality applicants can be stressful. The amount of time you spend on posting listings alone can be a handful, especially when you’re pressured to produce a certain number of inquiries per vacancy. Rather than spending more time recording what your best marketing channels are, let CICTotal do all the work. With our built-in analytics, you’ll know your best marketing sources at all times.


In addition to real-time statistics, CICTotal provides additional tools to effectively market to new residents. With our free website builder and online application, you can instantly get applicants to apply to your vacancies online and right away.


Built-In Tenant Screening you Can Trust

When it comes to tenant screening, quality, speed and data security are all aspects we take very seriously. As one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted providers in the multifamily industry, our built-in tenant screening solution is comparable to none. With CICTotal, you can quickly and seamlessly obtain your applicant’s Experian credit report and background check with bad check search, nationwide eviction history, criminal history, and a sex offender registry search. Without having to double input, you’ll get your applicant’s report seconds after the potential renter has submitted their online rental application (Don’t believe us? Sign up for a demo and we’ll show you when the software releases!) so you can fill your vacancies as soon as possible. Even after your vacancy is filled, we keep your business and residents’ data safe with the same SSL encryption banks use.

What’s the Catch?
property management software free trialWith no hidden fees, no hardware or software to purchase, and all software updates included, CICTotal is just $1 per unit, per month (with a 200 unit minimum).  Plus subscribers get CIC’s complete tenant screening package for the discounted rate of $14.95 per applicant. It’s as simple as that.

While attracting and screening applicants can be an arduous task, it doesn’t have to be. With CICTotal’s entire cloud-based property management software and award winning technical support by our U.S. based staff, you can save extensive amounts of time, money, and stress during the leasing process.

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