New Ways to Customize Your Online Rental Applications

Ready2Apply Rolls-out Enhanced Features

Online rental applications have transitioned from a nice feature, and become an essential tool for property managers.  Applicants expect an alternative way to apply for vacant rentals that will work with their technology and allow flexibility with their busy lifestyles.  CIC has recently released some amazing new features within Ready2Apply, their online application platform.  The new enhancements that are now available will help property managers drive more traffic to apply for their properties, and move through the process to the lease agreement faster than ever.

Among the many new features:

  • Renter documents can now be uploaded during the online application phase, whereas applicants can submit paystubs or other supporting income documentation to assist in the approval process. With a few clicks, renters upload a photo or pdf file(s)


  • Multiple occupants have an easier application process with functions that allow for invitations to be sent to potential roommates. Payment handling has been improved to allow multiple applicants the option to pay separately.
  • A digital signature pad is now an available option, allowing the entire process to be easily and securely stored 100% digitally. Disclosures have been enhanced to offer a more powerful solution with an easier setup process.


  • The updated online rental applications give clients the ability to incorporate custom questions to mimic their current applications and have the option to include conditional logic to the forms. With conditional logic, questions are automatically added or removed depending on what applicants enter into the form.
  • Applications can better mimic their company’s website and branding including logos and matching color schemes.

These enhancements aim to improve the applicant experience, and ultimately improve the amount of conversions for rental applications being submitted online.

“Today’s renter, especially the millennial renter demand high tech processes which require less effort on their part. CIC is at the forefront of anticipating what our clients will need and this latest roll-out is a testament to that.” said Dan Firestone, Vice President of CIC.

The customizable rental application simplifies the entire process for both property managers and renters.  Ready2Apply includes an integrated tenant background solution with application fee processing, providing access to all three credit bureaus as well as nationwide criminal, eviction and rental history reports from RentBureau.

Clients are provided a unique apply now web link for placement on their website, apartment listing sites, or to simply email to applicants.  Once an applicant begins the process with Ready2Apply, the entire application is typically completed in less than 15 minutes.

online rental applicationsCIC’s Ready2Apply, not only works to meet the application, tenant screening and forms generation needs of each client, but payment options and security as well. This flexibility and newly improved usability make this online system an ideal solution for property managers.

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