Credit for Renting

The Impact of Positive Rent Reporting on Subsidized Housing Residents

For many Americans, financial exclusion is a reality. These Americans, many of whom consistently meet their financial obligations as agreed, operate primarily on a cash basis and are exempt from mainstream financial services products due to limited or no credit history. Therefore, these individuals are dependent on high-cost, short-term credit, and they pay a premium for access to basic services such as utilities and telecommunications.

As a result, many of these individuals remain excluded from access to mainstream financial services that ultimately could improve their economic well-being and facilitate their entry into the financial mainstream.

In Credit for renting: the impact of positive rent reporting on subsidized housing residents, Experian®  RentBureau® analyzes data from a subset of the larger Experian RentBureau database comprising rental payment history on more than 12 million residents nationwide.

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By:  Experian®  RentBureau®