CIC Now Offers Fraud-Defender to Clients’ Applicants: Increases Property Management Companies’ Revenue Stream

CIC, the nation’s premier tenant screening provider, is pleased to announce that clients may now include Fraud-Defender’s industry-leading identity fraud research, remediation and recovery systems in their application process. By partnering with Fraud-Defender, property managers will automatically provide each rental applicant numerous consumer protection benefits, while increasing their revenue stream from each rental application.

Fraud-Defender incentivizes potential renters to apply with properties which offer this beneficial program. As an added bonus, participating property management companies will automatically have coverage on all their employees at no cost.

At the time the credit report is pulled, each applicant is automatically covered for one year at a onetime low cost of $5. By merely increasing the application fee $6 or more, property management companies will net an increased passive revenue stream while promoting to the rental market the management company’s care and concern for its applicants and renters.

National Consumer Reporting Association’s Executive Director, Terry Clemans, explained “in addition to being a great incentive to bring in more and better qualified applicants, Fraud Defender provides the participating properties a valuable added employee benefit. All the employees of the properties offering Fraud Defender to their prospective tenants receive a complimentary enrollment in the program”

Clients, who participate in the Fraud-Defender program, provide applicants and their staff with a professional recovery advocate, who will research credit reports, public records, and black market sites, among others. In the event of identity theft, the advocate handles all the work for the victim, with no time limit restrictions.

They also receive the added benefit of lost document replacement, where the advocate works with the victim to cancel and replace all debit and credit cards in the event of a lost or stolen wallet. The advocate will also replace important credentials and documents, should it be necessary.

Fraud-Defender services include 24/7 access to professionals, in the event that the consumer has questions, their identity becomes compromised or if there is evidence of fraud. By calling the toll-free hotline, consumers are immediately assigned a recovery advocate, who will work to return their identity to the pre-theft status.

When clients register to be included in the Fraud-Defender Program, a certificate of eligibility prints at the end of each credit report. Property managers need only to print the certificate and deliver it to the rental applicant for immediate eligibility. Fraud-Defender provides consumers with a quick and easy way to ensure their credit and identity remains protected.

For more information about the Fraud-Defender program, please contact CIC at 888-316-4242.

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