Take Control of Your Tenant Screening Report

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Feeling empowered is a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to finding and moving into your new home. Thanks to technology and ingenuity of many people aiming to make the process less cumbersome, the modern-day apartment hunter has numerous resources at their disposal to empower their big move.

While websites and online services aim to help you find the ideal rental home or apartment 24/7 and once renters have identified their property of choice, it can be a hassle to demonstrate they are qualified. Comprehensive tenant screening is not typically available at your fingertips without the landlords or real estate agents being vetted by a consumer reporting agency. While technology typically allows renters to find great properties at their convenience, fulfilling the rental screening requirements for a landlord can slow down the process.

CIC, the nation’s premier screening firm for the multifamily housing industry since 1986, has developed a new solution which gives renters the ability to set in motion the screening of themselves 24/7, at their convenience. The same comprehensive reports, available to large property management companies are now available to landlords and real estate agents for free through a secure, online system that alleviates the hassles associated with traditional tenant screening.

ApplyConnect is the only product of its kind to empower renters by allowing them to initiate the process, select who they would like to share the report with, and view the report before opting to share it with a landlord or real estate agent. Through CIC’s exclusive partnership with Experian®, renters now have the ability to take control of their tenant screening reports during the rental application process.

“Today’s renters are much more technically savvy, cautious of protecting their identity and desirous of controlling the rental experience. ApplyConnect places the rental applicant in the driver’s seat by both initiating the screening process and the ability to review their tenant background check prior to the agent. It is the first product of its kind to truly empower the renter,” explained CIC President, Sabrina Bower.

The report includes an Experian credit report, complete with VantageScore 3.0®, a nationwide criminal and eviction search of more than 36 million records that continue to be updated daily. With no need for a physical inspection for landlords or real estate agents, ApplyConnect simplifies the tenant screening process for all parties involved.

Once a renter has identified the next place they want to call home, all they need to do is create a free account, verify their identity, purchase and share the report. Once the report is shared, an invitation is sent to the landlord or real estate agent notifying them that they can create an account, giving them access to view the report upon authentication of the agent’s identity.

The applicant is responsible for the simple, online payment and once they register their account and pull their report, renters have 30 days to decide who they will share it with. If one property does not work out for an applicant, they have the option of finding an alternative landlord or real estate agent.

A comprehensive tenant screening report upfront in the application process can save time and money down the road by preventing late rental payments or even property damage. ApplyConnect further empowers renters by demonstrating their responsibility of sharing the most comprehensive tenant screening report available, in an easy-to-use online system which can be securely completed from mobile and tablet platforms. The online screening gives decision makers the information they need quickly and securely.

Tenant screening has never been easier, more efficient and so accessible to consumers. An additional bonus for renters is that when they choose ApplyConnect, they are choosing a consumer-initiated product. Therefore, when the applicant pulls their credit history, there is zero impact on their credit score as it counts as a soft inquiry.

For more information about ApplyConnect or to register for your free account, please visit www.ApplyConnect.com.

Written By: Laura Mowry