Washington Regulation Update - Keep up the pressure

The two bills pending in Washington State legislature reported over the last couple weeks did not make it to the floor by the required timeline and time is running out for them, it is crucial to continue the pressure on the State legislature as some senators are pursuing options to overcome the opposition by our allies.

Senator Jan Angel (26th LD) denied members of the Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance Committee a chance to vote on the Document Recording Fee Bill (ESHB 2368), abruptly adjourning the committee and then refusing to reopen it even when other senators told her they wanted to vote on the bill.
The following day, Senator Sharon Nelson (34th LD) led an effort on the Senate floor to bring the bill back, a procedure known as a "Ninth Order." Unfortunately, that motion failed, and senators once again did not get an opportunity to even vote on the bill.

But no bill is really dead until the gavel strikes the end of the legislative session. If legislators agree that an issue is important enough, they can use other procedures and deals to pass a bill so members need to keep up the contact with their Washington State Senators to make sure this vote is not successful. We are sure the supporters of this legislation will be back next year and we will be watching for their revised submissions.  Thank you to those who took action against them!

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